It's been a long road journey since I purchased almost eight years ago. It's underwent several designs, several concepts, endured a few milestones, and given me a medium upon which to play on. It's given me a consistent e-mail address, given me some security in knowing that it's the one thing that hasn't disappeared from my life as of yet, and has given me some degree of happiness. There has been, however, a fundamental problem with that hasn't seen the light of day since its birth in 2001: there has been no purpose, no goal, no driving force behind the site.

It all changes this summer.

First, my immediate plans are to update my graphics and web design knowledge. Lots has changed the past 6-7 years in the web industry and I need to learn it in order to arm this site with the best design that has ever come to fruition in my years of design.

Second, begin compiling some content for the site. Research the content. Become one with the content. Write it. See it. Live it.

Third, cement three purposes for the site and bring everything together in a neat, easy to read package.

.purpose_'s three purposes are as follows:

1. To write articles pertaining to social media.
2. To compile tutorials on these topics: design, herbalism, culinary arts, & social media
3. To review puzzle games and assemble reviews about them.
This endeavor isn't going to be an easy one to accomplish, but it's something that has been long overdue. It's time to resurrect this site and get it back on its legs again. I'm hoping on having this site at least half way completed by the end of the summer and have some content up for your viewing pleasure.

As Ensidia, the #1 guild on the game of World of Warcraft, so eloquently and exquisitely states:

Better late than never.

- Stacey
- 30 June 2009 C.E.


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